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Love Shisha

Vaping Bad E-Liquid

Looking for a set of premium vapour liquid flavours?
Want to enjoy breath-taking new vape juice flavours that will add to your experience?
Need a set of ergonomic, convenient and budget-friendly vape liquid bottles?
Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!
Our E liquids have been praised for their amazing taste and excellent value. 
Big bottle Gorilla 100ml/120ml  Shortfill sizes. Phenomenal value for premium e juice! 
Nicotine shots supplied. 3mg and 6mg e liquids have over concentrated flavouring to allow for dilution by nicotine shots. 
Eliquids are high VG, suitable for any sub-ohm electronic cigarette tank.

Not All Vaping Liquids Are Created Equal: Find The Vape Juice Flavours You Deserve Today!

Introducing The Vaping Bad E Liquids 120ml Shortfill Pack For Serious Vapers!
Now you don't have to settle for all those cheap-quality vape juices anymore.
The Vaping Bad ecig liquids are finally here to bring the flavour revolution and allow you to enjoy the smooth, rich flavour and refreshing aroma ? one vape at a time!

Why Choose Our Vape Liquids?

Because They Are Tastier: our vape juices are 70% Vegetable Glycerine, 30% Propylene Glycol and include only natural ingredients, so you can finally enjoy a yummy vaping experience.

Because They Are Made In The UK: unlike low-quality e-juices, our vape liquids are made in the United Kingdom and are BRC certified. As a result, you can vape them with confidence.

Because They Come In 10 Unique Flavours: including Berrylicious, Blue Slush, Fantasai Grape, Heisenberg, Nerds Wild Cherry & Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry & Strawberry Custard, Red Astire, Summer Fruits and Vanilla Custard Delight.
Still Sceptical?

120ml Vape Juice Bottles
Easy-Fill Bottle With Screw-Out Nib Under The Cap
2 x 10ml 18mg Nic Shots Included
No Nicotine, No Tobacco, No Tar, No Odours
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
What Are You Waiting For?
Indulge Yourself!
Scroll Up, Click Add To Basket? NOW & Start Vaping Like A PRO!

- Berrylicious was created by selecting the finest berry flavours and blending them into a perfect balance of sweet, juicy goodness.
- Bright, bold and blue, this berry slush vape is packed with sweetness, blueberries and of course refreshing icy slush!  

- A replica of the Malaysian Grape flavoured e-juice. 

- Ripe fruit undertone with a cooling menthol after effect. Heisenberg is the daddy of all vapes! 

- Grape and sweet berries with an ice cool finish. Our replica of the amazing Nasty Juice. 

- A magnificent blend of zingy lemonade with the perfect amount of red fruit flavouring to give it an extra satisfying boost. 

- A refreshing mix of A berries, grape, eucalyptus and aniseed topped with menthol 

- A deliciously creamy and custardy smooth vape juice with a soft vanilla aftertaste. Forget the rest this is the best Vanilla Custard you will ever try. Like having a custard pie thrown in your face!   

Please note this item complies with TPD regulations and ebay guidelines:- E-cigarette tank is not more than 2ml capacity.

- The refill container for nicotine e-liquid is not more than 10ml pack.
- E-liquids with nicotine don't exceed the strength of 20mg/ml.
- E-liquids should not contain colourings, caffeine, and/or taurine. 

Our nicotine containing eliquid containers are 10ml and you will receive a nicotine free flavour bottle which you mix with the nicotine to make a total volume of 60ml or 120ml.